Why the Dyson Hair Straightener Airstrait Is a Game Changer for at-Home Hair Styling?

Why the Dyson Hair Straightener Airstrait Is a Game Changer for at-Home Hair Styling?

Do you worry about your curly hair and want to straighten it? Dyson hair straightener airstrait is the best gadget to solve this problem without any affect. I also have curly hair and try to test different tools for its straightener, sleek and smooth. But no one has found the best tool to achieve this goal and I am tired of it. If you are also tired for your curly and rough hairs, do not worry about it. Today I will discuss the complete information about Dyson hair straightener airstrait. So let’s get ready and enjoy different styles of hair.

Overview of Dyson Hair Straightener Airstrait

Dyson is a British company that is popular in vacuum cleaners. Dyson also has a niche in the hair care industry with an already beloved line of hair styling tools. I have spent most of my time looking for easy ways to straighten and style frizzy clumps. And I was desperate to see if Airstrait would make my life easier. The question is, can the right and moderate amount of hot air really dry your hair and make towel dried hair straight and smooth?

I moved on to Dyson’s expensive and beloved Airwrap, a more complex tool that also promises nondestructive styling with a removable brush and curling iron, but this simple product lives up to its name. Airstrait is the newest tool for straightening your hair from wet to dry without using extreme heat. This airstrait uses high level velocity air blades amid two tension arms to blow powerful jets of air at a 45 degree angle. After using the Dyson hair tool, my hair is fine and long with a soft wave. I am really happy after seeing long and soft hair by using this device.

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What Technology is Used in Dyson Hair Straightener Airstrait?

Dyson engineer Kate Kraft said that the motor in the AirStraight handle is the same motor in all Dyson hair tools but It’s small, lightweight, and powerful enough to create the airflow needed to dry and straighten hair at the same time, she more explains that when Dyson launched the Supersonic Hair Dryer in 2016, Allure reported that the motor was three times heavier, six times faster, and one-third the size of a typical hair dryer motor. This is enough air pressure to straighten your hair while it dries.

Second the most highly and modern tool to color set of hairs by using the simple LCD screen where you set the color to choose the wet or dry hair and heat setting.

In dry mode, Airstrait uses low airflow with temperature settings of 250°F, 285°F and ‘boost’ up to 320°F, recommended for touch-ups only. For treating wet hair that requires higher airflow, you can choose from 3 different heat settings: 175°F, 230°F and 285°F that start low. No matter which mode you choose, you’ll also find cool options to quickly turn heat down and lock in style.

Can Exactly Dyson Hair Straightener Airstrait Without Heated Plates?

The Airstrait isn’t the first tool that tried on wet-to-dry. But what makes the Airstrait different from previous wet-to-dry tools is that instead of a traditional hot plate, it has an unheated rod on top of the arm that grips the hair while straightening it. Kraft explains that the rod acts as a plate, adding tension to the hair for a smooth finish without straining it. And, again, not heated. Only high-speed hot air jetted from the 1.5mm gap of each arm of the tool and jetted downward at an angle of 45 degrees can straighten the hair during drying.

What I look Good About Dyson Hair Straightener Airstrait?

Actually, every tool or device has benefits and affects but if we check the market product mostly products are just affected. After my own use of Dyson Hair Straightener Airstrait, I say confidently it has less effects         then other devices. Why do I say I like it? Here I discuss some reasons, so let’s check it.

1.    Works on Both Wet and Dry Hair

This Airtstrait is the only device that can be used on both wet and dry hair. While most curling irons require you to air-dry or blow-dry your hair before use, this straightener does the job of drying and straightening in one step. Not only that, it uses air up to 285°F instead of an iron up to 450°F, so you don’t have to worry about your hair getting burnt or brittle like other straighteners.

2.    Give My Hair Plenty of Volume

I don’t want to use a straightener unless I want my hair to be flat. Airstrait gave me my favorite style for volume. It gives similar results to a blow dryer compared to a typical hair straightener, and I appreciate that it leaves my hair smooth instead of flat.

3.    Easy To Use

Due to consist of its advanced technology, the Dyson is relatively easy to use when it comes to styling. When you turn it on, the LED screen lights up and displays two options, Wet or Dry, and three temperature choices for each setting. Easily handle large sections of hair without snagging or tangling while styling.

4.    Less Heat Damage of Hairs

For Dyson, the purpose of the game is to remove extreme heat and keep your hair healthy. Airstrait uses a powerful motor built into the handle to focus two jets of high speed down bladed air into one super powerful jet, forcing hair to straighten as it dries. As the frontline puts it that No heating plates and No heat damage.

5.    Straightener Hair in Some Seconds

I tested it with my hair combed and towel dried and it took a few minutes to dry my hair roots before I started straightening my hair. I have a lot of hair tool, so I divided it into three parts from the bottom third. We used the maximum airflow and maximum temperature and were happy to clamp the arm to easily pull the straightener down. Magically, my hair went from naturally dry frizzy to straight, but it took about 15 minutes to complete because it was just too much to do.

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What do I Look Not Good for?

No doubt, there are many benefits of this tool but some things are not good in it. Below discuss the points that do not good for it in my experience.

1)   Requirements Multiple Passes of Thicker Hairs

Dyson says that depending on your hair type, you’ll need to comb a section of your hair one to three times to completely dry and straighten it, but this is my curly hair styling routine. From experience I was able to get the results I wanted with multiple passes, but this tool works better on straight or wavy hair than curly types, especially if you want to use this tool for less time needed for styling.

2)   Less Efficient in Extra Styling Tools

Without extreme heat above 375 degrees Fahrenheit, without a traditional full-fledged hair straightener, many hair types aren’t as straight or shiny. To add a silky shine, you need to insert a ceramic curling iron at high heat and recomb. I also used an Airwrap roller to add the body. Of course, the Airwrap doesn’t do much damage when you apply extreme heat while styling, but it’s not a one-time product for me.

What Price of the Dyson Hair Straightener Airstrait?

If you have a solid curling iron and blow dryer that you use regularly, it can be hard to justify spending $500 on the tools you already own. But for those who are afraid to style their hair because it takes too long, or are frustrated by the damage caused by applying too much heat to their hair on a regular basis, the Air Straight is a worthwhile investment.

Final Words

Dyson hair straightener airstrait is magical and game changer tool for using to strait, silky and soft hairs. Rest assured that the revolutionary high pressure airflow not only takes your style from wet to dry faster, it won’t leave your hair dry in the process. The airtstrait may only be the first and final step to get smooth and shiny hair if you want thicker, curlier hair. The price $500 may be higher but it is to find the real and perfect styler then it cannot feel. I hope this information helps you to choose the best tool or device for your curly hairs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dyson Hair Straightener Airstrait Worth it?

Yes, Dyson airstrait tool is the best thing for straightener and shiny hair styles.

Can you Use the Dyson Hair Straightener Airstrait on Dry Hair?

Yes, you can use this Dyson tool on your dry hairs for refresh your hair style. To use for dry first select the Dry mode and choose the temperature that depends on your type.

Does Dyson Hair Airstrait Use Heat?

No, it has not used heat for every mode of hair style but when you use wet mode it use heat in three temperatures.

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