How to Watch Private YouTube Videos? A Proper Guide to Learn

How to Watch Private YouTube Videos? A Proper Guide to Learn

Do you want to learn the methods and techniques that can let you know how to watch private YouTube videos that are normally restricted from public viewing, and are you wondering if it is possible to do so?

Youtube is one of the most popular public video streaming platforms worldwide, where billions of its operators are watching videos and sharing their personal and professional videos on youtube. For individuals this platform is one of the amazing way through which they showcase their skills and amaze the masses. You can look for some reviews and tutorials on youtube, if you want to know how some recipes taste and how to do firm hairstyles?

But, youtube has recently introduced a new feature that permits its creators to protect their some videos on youtube by marking them as a private video. This is must be problematic.

So, if you don’t want to face this issue, keep reading this write-up. In this article, I will provide you a complete guidance on “how to watch private videos on youtube” and also discuss its reasons about why you cannot watch youtube private videos and how you can watch these videos without or with creator’s access. So, without any further talking, let’s start it.

What does YouTube Private Videos Mean?

What does YouTube Private Videos Mean

Youtube private videos means that the uploader or the owner of the video makes its particular video limited to themselves and only share it with their selected audience and does not want the whole world to watch their videos. You cannot find access to their private videos even on the YouTube’s search results and also not available on their channel.

When a private video is uploaded on Youtube, you will not get notified about the video, even though you are a subscriber to the channel.

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Why Can’t You Watch YouTube’s Private Videos on Youtube?

Some content creators on youtube make their videos privacy settings as private.  This video is not visible on the YouTube’s search result and not available on their channels videos list. A user can only watch this private video, if its link or channel’s link is shared with them. You can get access to the private videos by directly contacting to the videos owner and ask them to permit you to watch the video.

Through private videos a creator gets control over their videos and other content. For instance, they can limit the videos accessibility only to their family, friends and some other individuals. 

How to watch Private Youtube Videos?

There are few ways through which you can watch the private videos on youtube. Here are some easy-to-recognize methods for you that can be beneficial for you related to viewing the private videos.

Watch YouTube’s Private Video with Owner’s Permission and Access:

Watch YouTube’s Private Video with Owner’s Permission

It’s easy to watch private videos on youtube by getting access and permission from the channels owner and content creator.

  • You have to send request to the video owner and ask them to send you the link of the video you want to watch by remaining in touch with the owner.
  • Then you can watch the video, if they send you a link.

However, even after getting link of the video, if you are still unable to watch the private videos. It may happen due to some reasons:

  • Insure that your YouTube account is valid.
  • You have one or more account on YouTube.
  • You can watch private video only when a video owner shares a special link with you.

Watch Private Video on YouTube without Creators Permission and Access:

Watch Private Video on YouTube without Creators Permission

You have to follow the below mentioned steps to watch Youtube Private video’s without getting access from YouTuber’s or Video owner.

  • Find the private video that you like to watch.
  • From its URL delete the watch part.
  • Now, you can get access to the video by pressing Enter key.

This method will help you to watch full window without signing in and it also help you to unlock private video without any restriction.

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How to Open Private Video Link?

Follow these steps to get access to the private video through link:

  • In your Youtube inbox, tap on the email which creator of the video sent you and share a link of the video and informs you that the video has been shared with you.
  • In the email, inside the rectangular box a smaller red box with three horizontal white dots will appear. Click on the one of the horizontal white dots.
  • Click on the here to go to the video on Youtube. Now, video will starts to play in your browser or Youtube app where you want to watch it. But you must have to login to your Youtube account by using email, where you get the link of private video.

Steps to Watch Youtube Private Videos without Signing in:

Follow the below given steps, if you earlier watch the video but now it is marked as a private video:

  • Use a Video Cache View if you want to get the video, because it is downloaded in your cache history.
  • Then the video will be turned into a format like Mpeg-Dash.
  • After that, convert the video into Mp4 format by using GPAC software.
  • Use the Video View Cache to play the cached version of the private video.

Apart from these steps, you can also try it by using the Youtube Video Downloader sites.

How to Share YouTube Private Video?

You can easily share the Private Youtube Video privately on Youtube, by just sharing its link through email to your fellows.
Follow these few below given steps to know how:

  • On Youtube, go to your profile icon.
  • Now, select the Youtube Studio option.
  • From the left side of the page, select the Content option from the menu.
  • Go to the video that you wish to share and then click on its privacy-selected options (Private, unlisted or public).
  • Click on the downloaded arrow of the selected options and Share Privately option will appears.
  • Then press it and enters the users email ID to which you want to share your videos link and tap on the Notify via email box and press OK button.
  • By clicking Save, you’ll see who shared your video and then you can save the changes.

Now you can share videos privately with other users without changing your privacy settings.

YouTube’s Private, Unlisted or Public Videos:

When a user upload a video on Youtube, for that video a user can change its privacy settings to private, unlisted and public.

Private Videos:

It means that only a video creator can watch the video and those with whom the owner shared the video link. This video is not available in any search results, or in your recommended list of videos. Even though you are a subscriber to their channel but you are still unable to watch their private video, because they have not share their videos link with you.

Unlisted videos:

Beyond the reach of the searched results are called untitled videos. These videos are for those who got the link of the video. Do not matters the video receiver has the Youtube account or not.

Public Videos:

It is a default setting where everyone in the public can view your video. It is appears in your search results and also available in recommended videos.

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Youtube has a variety of different features through which a user can protect and hide their sensitive information from public domain.

In this article, different methods are discussed how to watch Private Videos on Youtube. If you want to get these private videos you will have to access permission to get that link on homepage from the video owner.

Hope so, this article will help you to find information about Private Youtube Videos and how to approach them.

Frequently Asked Question

Is it possible to watch Private Videos on Youtube?

Yes, it is possible when owner can give you access to watch private youtube videos.

How I can watch video if I have access?

For this, you will need to be signed in to the Youtube account so; creator can sent you an invitation through email.

Can you download Youtube Private Videos on Youtube?

No, you cannot download any private video on youtube.

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