How to Choose the Best Electric Toothbrush Charger? Essential Tips and Reviewed

How to Choose the Best Electric Toothbrush Charger? Essential Tips and Reviewed

Do you know about electric toothbrushes? Electric Toothbrushes are types of brushes which work by using electricity. Sometimes the charger of an electric toothbrush burns or damages and it is not a proper charger then we want to replace it. Today I discuss the categories of electric toothbrush charger and also seen the features of it. So stay here and enjoy life!

What is meant by Electric Toothbrush?

An electric toothbrush is a toothbrush that uses electricity to power its cleaning action. It is designed to provide more effective and efficient brushing compared to manual toothbrushes. Manual toothbrushes do not work properly as compared to electric toothbrushes but they want to charge regularly. The basic components of an electric toothbrush include a handle and a replaceable brush head. The handle contains a small motor and a rechargeable battery or replaceable batteries.

The brush head of an electric toothbrush typically has bristles made of nylon or other synthetic materials, just like a manual toothbrush. However, the brush head is attached to the handle using a rotating or vibrating mechanism. This mechanism creates rapid movements of the bristles, which helps to remove plaque and food particles from the teeth and gums.

Electric toothbrushes offer several advantages over manual toothbrushes. The rapid movements of the bristles can provide a more thorough and consistent cleaning, potentially leading to better oral hygiene. Some electric toothbrushes also come with features such as timers and pressure sensors to help users brush for the recommended amount of time and avoid brushing too hard.

Why is the Charger Necessary for Electric Toothbrushes?

Toothbrush Charger

Chargers are devices that are used to recharge the battery of electric toothbrushes so that they can be used again. Since electric toothbrushes are powered by batteries, they require regular charging to maintain their functionality. The charger is specifically designed to provide the necessary power input to the toothbrush’s battery.

The charger typically consists of a base unit and a cord or a docking station. The base unit is connected to a power source such as an electrical outlet, and provides the electrical current required for charging. The toothbrush handle is then placed on the charger, either by connecting it to the cord or by placing it on the docking station. The charger transfers electrical energy to the toothbrush’s battery, and allows the toothbrush to be used again once fully charged.

Many electric toothbrush chargers have built in mechanisms to prevent overcharging. Once the battery is fully charged, the charger may switch to a lower power mode or automatically shut off to avoid damaging the battery. This helps prolong the lifespan of the toothbrush’s battery and ensures safe charging.

Types of Electronic Toothbrush Charger

Rotating ToothBrushes

These electric toothbrushes have small, round brush heads that rotate in one direction and then change direction, creating a back and forth brushing motion. These types of toothbrush clean the teeth for all sides with best rotation. The rotating bristles help remove plaque and debris from the teeth.

Sonic Brushes

Sonic electric toothbrushes use high frequency vibrations to create a sweeping motion of the bristles. The rapid movement of the bristles creates fluid dynamics that help to dislodge plaque and provide a thorough cleaning. Sonic toothbrushes typically have longer, oval-shaped brush heads.

Ultrasonic Brushes

It also manufactures products for Sonic Company. These toothbrushes vibrate at even higher frequencies than sonic brushes. These high frequency vibrations create tiny bubbles in the toothpaste or mouthwash, which can help remove plaque and bacteria from the teeth and gums. Ultrasonic toothbrushes often have sleek designs and can be more expensive than other types.

Dual Head Brushes

Some electric toothbrushes come with two brush heads. These brushes typically combine oscillating rotating and sonic or vibrating motions in one device. The different brush heads provide flexibility and allow users to choose the brushing motion that suits their preferences.

Disposable Electric Brushes

These are electric toothbrushes that come with a built-in battery and are meant to be used for a limited period, typically a few months. They eliminate the need for charging or replacing batteries but may not have the same durability as rechargeable electric toothbrushes.

Best Charger for These Electric Toothbrushes

  • Magipea Oral B electric Toothbrush Charger
  • Merom Model HX6100 Charger
  • Pdaptmag Base charger
  • Lap Pow Electric toothbrush Charger
  • Black toothbrush Charger by HSYTEK
  • CMWWYFC toothbrush charger 

Important Steps for Buying the Best Electric Toothbrush Charger

Due to different types and brands of toothbrush, your electric toothbrush would have also included a charger. This charger use to charge the toothbrush battery. Sometimes the charger does not work; you can find the best charger for it. To choose the best and perfect charger for electric toothbrush, follow given steps:


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When you want to charge a toothbrush, first check the adapter of your toothbrush charger. There are different toothbrush use different adaptable of the charger like voltage, brand etc. when you can check the compatibility, it hello to buying the best charger. Mostly electric toothbrush chargers are Oral B or Philips companies. So check the brand and choose a charger depending on its compatibility.


Inductive charging

Second most highly step to ensure that an electric toothbrush charger works without any issues. The wattage means rating of your electric toothbrush charger rate which it can charge electric toothbrush. If you want your toothbrush charger properly, you need to check the wattage for the charger. Mostly charger wattage has 0.9 watt or 1.4 watt wattage. These watts best for your toothbrush but check the requirements of the toothbrush for charging. Some chargers may charge your toothbrush but wattage are very low and the charge is very slow.

Water Resistance

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This factor does not affect the performance of your electric toothbrush charger but it is important for your life. Charger must be water resistant because it is highly risky for your life. Mostly electric toothbrush chargers come with a water resistance rating which will ensure that it does not face any lost. For water resistance most charger includes in IP65 and IP67 ratings where are highly recommended.

Warranty Card

Before buying a charger, check the warranty for it. All types of charger including warranty card which show the warranty of it. This warranty card shows the working period of the charger, how long period will most likely last for a longer period of time. Mostly the charger gave the one year warranty that is enough; benefit of it if it may damage you easily changed it.

Some Best Charger for Electric Toothbrush

Concealed Electric Toothbrush Charger Polished Steel

This is a wall electric toothbrush charger that safely charges your toothbrush battery in the bathroom. Its concealed design is very simply that all wire keeps in the walls and removes the less risk of getting wet with water. After using the toothbrush you just sit the toothbrush on the white base and leave for charge. You do not need any plug in any socket.

Key Features

  • Best for use with Oral B and Braun electric toothbrushes
  • Wireless design means no need of wires to connected to the socket.
  • 100% water Resistance that safe your family life
  • Manufacture in the UK
  • Easy charging base method
  • Modern  and polished chrome design
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to install in a new socket or old shaver socket.
  • 2 years warranty

Universal USB Black Charger

This type of charger is used for travel case because it is portable. It is perfect for an overnight stay at a guest house. The best feature of this charger is UV sanitizing bulb who kills the germs while charging it, it consists of a charging casing in which you just set your toothbrush and close it, it automatically charge and clean your toothbrush.

Key Features

  • You on the went to any place
  • Portable and sanitary
  • USB port available
  • Charge at any place like Home, in a Car or at the Office
  • Kills 99% germs
  • Automated safety power off
  • One year warranty

Pdaptmag Charger Base for Philips

This charger is a bit on the affordable side for those people who want an affordable charger for charging toothbrushes. It has the Philips brand that manufactures very effected and reasonable price products. It has 1.4 watts wattage that is highly important for Philips electric toothbrushes. This charger is water resistance with includes IPX7 that ensure does not damaged by water.

Key Features

  • Reasonable price
  • Best for all philips electric toothbrushes
  • 1.4 watts wattage
  • IPX7 water Resistance
  • One year warranty card

CMWWYFC Electric Toothbrush Charger

This is a very high end brand and recommended toothbrush charger that you want in it. It works perfectly with a wide period of Philips electric toothbrush models. There are almost all Philips models supported and it is capable of offering the same despite having 1.3 watts of wattage.

Key Features

  • Recommended for Philips toothbrush
  • Universal for all Philips toothbrushes
  • 1.3 watts of wattage
  • Water resistance with IPX7 rating
  • 2 years warranty card

LAP POW Electric Toothbrush Charger

LAP POW charger is used to charger Philips toothbrush with all models. It is made with ABS material and also IPX7 grade water resistance. Due to its stylish design make it more ideal for every person. You do not need any fiddly wire, you just put your toothbrush on the charger and it will begin charging automatically with auto mode.

Key Features

  • Support all Philips models
  • ABS material use
  • Water resistance with IPX7 rating
  • One year warranty
  • Sleek design

LAP POW Braun Oral-B Electric Toothbrush Charger

This charger is fully water resistant, so you can use it anywhere without worry of its damaged. You can use it in the bathroom and other humid environments. It is easy charging and puts out when the battery is fully charged. It has the best use for Oral B electric toothbrushes with reliable and safe charge.

Key Features

  • Water Resistance with IP67 rating
  • Modern Design
  • Wireless connection
  • Best for Oral B toothbrushes
  • One year warranty card

Final Words

Electric Toothbrush is a modern type of brush that consists of a charging battery. Due to the battery it needs a charger for charge it. There are many types of electric toothbrushes available in the market in different brands and every brand use different methods to charge it. If you need to replace the charger of your electric toothbrush charge due to damage to it. I think this blog will help you to choose the best charger for your toothbrush.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do all electric toothbrushes use the same charger?

No, there are many types of toothbrushes and every toothbrush does not charge with same method or charger. You just used those chargers.

Does every Oral B electric toothbrush come with the same charger?

No, all Oral B electric toothbrushes do not have the same charger. It is different from other and may match but mostly all different of it. 

Can you leave an electric toothbrush on charger all the time?

I think not because when the charger full charges the battery then it may damage the toothbrush or battery. That’s why most automatic chargers use your toothbrush to charge it because it can’t charge after a full battery charge.

Can you charge Oral B with USB?

In modern all Oral B charger comes with USB support. You can charge your Oral B toothbrush with the use of a USB port.

Why chargers are necessary of water resistance?

It is most important to your toothbrush charger water resistance because you can charge in the bathroom. And water may affect the charger or shock circuit the charger. So it’s necessary to came the charger with water resistance.

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