BlendJet Review: How it Became My Favorite Gadget in the Kitchen?

BlendJet Review: How it Became My Favorite Gadget in the Kitchen?

Do you worry about blending nuts due to the small kitchen? Is there more space for bigger and heavy machines? Today I will discuss small, new and modern products, which help you blend different things. BlendJet is a small product which you can easily blending ice or nuts easily, and also portable with light weight. So stay here read very useful information and enjoy!

Overview of BlendJet

The BlendJet is a lightweight blender designed to go anywhere. In contrast to home alternatives, such as heavy machines that require a power source, the BlendJet is portable, meaning it can be taken to the office, gym, or even on a road trip. It can’t handle hot ingredients, so it can’t replace a regular tabletop mixer, but given its low price and sleek design, many people could use it regularly.

I spent almost a week reviewing the BlendJet and using it to make protein shakes and fruit smoothies from scratch. BlendJet makes a variety of smoothie powders and protein powder smoothies, which we tried during testing. It’s not one of the most versatile blenders on the market, but it’s a clear contender for one of the best portable blenders you can use on the go.

BlendJet’s origins come back to 2017, when Pamplin suffered enough traumas to control many different aspects of his daily life. Meanwhile, Pamplin became very concerned about his health and nutrition and soon reunited with his colleague and friend John Cheng. The two entrepreneurs worked together to create what is now BlendJet, making quality nutrition more accessible.

BlendJet One is a personal size battery powered device. That means it’s easy to move and can be used almost anywhere, unlike most other blenders. We found that it is still suitable for home use. Home is still the most likely place of use.

 The BlendJet One is available in 14 different colors giving you a wide range of choices. You are sure to find one that looks and fits perfectly in your kitchen.

What Reasons to Love Blendjet?

BlendJet is a modern product that use easily any way and any place. Some reasons are given below:

  • It is a BPA free and self cleaning portable device. You can just add soap and water then hit blend and rinse.
  • Many companies provide a book of recipe that free of cost with blendJet.
  • There is no easier way to make protein shake for a child in any place.
  • It has very easy use and is a lightweight device.
  • It has a rechargeable battery with 2 days backup life.
  • It has also provided insulated sleeves that have a price $15 dollars.

Blendjet Specs: What’s Under the Hood

Blendjet Specs

Besides just being another blender, the Blendjet packs some serious power and innovation.

1.     Cordless and Rechargeable

It is a cordless, rechargeable blender that uses a lithium-ion battery that provides up to 15 blends per charge. You can charge it in just 2 hours, so you can use it anywhere without worrying about plugging it in.

2.     Commercial-Grade Motor

A powerful 600-watt motor allows the Blendjet to crush ice and frozen fruits in seconds. A wide range of smoothies, milkshakes, dips, and more can be made with this powerful blender.

3.     One-Touch Blending

When it comes to blending on the go, it has never been easier. With the Blendjet, you can effortlessly make your favorite smoothie or shake with one touch of a button. You don’t have to monitor the pulse or blending times – you just need to add the ingredients, secure the lid, and hit blend. You will have a perfectly smooth drink in your hands before you know it.

4.     Durable and Easy to Clean

There are no BPAs in the Blendjet, which is why it can withstand frequent use and drops with ease. As all of the parts are dishwasher safe, cleaning is quick and easy. If you want to rinse your hands on the go, simply pour water and soap into the bottle, secure the lid, and blend for 15-30 seconds. Rinse and dry before you use again.

This gadget will quickly become your favorite companion in the kitchen and beyond due to its powerful motor, rechargeable battery, and one-touch blending system. You will quickly be able to make and enjoy delicious drinks wherever you go with this gadget.

How we Tested the BlendJet?

After checking for a week, I decided to test the blender with different types of ingredients and the included pre-blended smoothies. First, I had to charge the BlendJet, which took about 30 minutes. A light between purple and blue around the hybrid button will illuminate while charging, and will turn completely blue while charging. Then rinse it off a bit before using mix with a little soap and water to mix.

When using these smoothie packs, a common recipe is to mix with water, milk, or ice and water. I rotate this recipe with several smoothie packs and also make freehand smoothies with fresh ingredients and protein powder. To make a smoothie, lock the blender in place (aligned with the arrow) and press the swirl button in the center of the BlendJet. It gently spins for 30 seconds to blend, so you do not have to time or hold down a button like other blenders. You can drink directly from the blender chamber, which is very convenient. Every time you make a delicious smoothie, clean your blender the same way you did before. We love self-cleaning appliances. To test its portability, I carried it around in my handbag and felt the weight.

Results of Test BlendJet

The BlendJet promises to quickly and efficiently deliver clump-free smoothies that look and taste great (if you use the pack). This turned out to be mostly true. Some ingredients are more effective than others. For example, a banana-blueberry smoothie (mixed with water and ice) is still quite thick after blending, so it may be better served in an acai bowl rather than straight. But other varieties, such as raspberry dragon fruit, have the ideal smoothie consistency. I also tried some smoothies made with homemade ingredients like strawberries, blueberries, milk and protein powder and they were delicious.

As far as features go, BlendJet is incredibly good. It’s super lightweight, portable, record charging times, and so efficient that you’ll wonder why you don’t have one. I love making smoothies, but the amount of time it takes to prepare the ingredients, the noise of the blender, and the cleanup process always depresses me. So the BlendJet is a game changer.

How to Set Up the Settings of BlendJet?

Setting up the BlendJet is so easy. BlendJet sent me a selection of smoothie packs, a carrying case and a recipe book along with a fun purple classic blender. The BlendJet comes fully assembled in the box and the blades are permanently attached so there is no need to remove the blender jar from the blades. Simply remove the lid, add your ingredients, screw on, press and start blending.

We also reviewed the NutriBullet Go. This is a similarly stylish portable blender but with a removable base and carrying cup. While being able to remove the blade is nice, it introduces the problem of having to store it safely, which the BlendJet avoids entirely.

The lid has a handle and the interior holds enough 16 ounces to hold your drink.

To charge BlendJet 2, simply leave it for an hour using the included USB-C cable. The battery claims to last over 15 cycles on a mix, but I tested it and thought it lasted closer to 10 cycles. However, the charging time is short, so it’s not bad.

Although it only has one button, there are two ways to use the BlendJet 2. You can run a mixing cycle at the push of a button or hold the button to activate pulse mode. It’s designed primarily for making drinks, but the pulse mode is great for making dips or crushing ice. In this case, it’s perfect for shaking or pulsing the blender to deliver different ingredients.

How to Make Protein Shakes in the BlendJet?

How to Make Protein Shakes in the BlendJet

BlendJet sells protein drinks, so it’s clearly designed to make powdered drinks on the go. I think that’s one of the main selling points of this product. If you love hitting the gym before heading to the office, or making meal replacement shakes on the go, the BlendJet is designed to make that process easier than ever. Plus, it’s actually much smaller than a protein shake bottle. I use the Protein Shake with BlendJet making. We recommend adding 10 ounces of milk to the blender before pouring the powder. Then tighten the lid and press to start stirring.

I was able to drink a very delicious sake in about 20 seconds. It tastes like a fruit crumble with a hint of vanilla. The texture is a little gritty, but I don’t drink protein shakes often, so it’s hard to tell if that’s something you’ll find in other protein shakes. Still, the taste is delicious, and I also love the peanut and strawberry banana flavors.

How to Make Fruit Smoothies Using BlendJet?

How to Make Fruit Smoothies Using BlendJet

I couldn’t test the BlendJet 2 without knowing how it handles berries. These are common ingredients in smoothies, but they can be tricky to blend, especially if you buy them frozen. Blueberries often have stubborn skins, strawberries have hard cores, and my hand-carved cantaloupe had a bit of skin left on the outside. These can be good with a blender, but a good blender can leave a creamy consistency after blending for a minute or so.

Strawberries, blueberries, and melon were topped with nut milk and the lid was closed. The lid never came loose. It feels good to hold the plastic handle.

When I was ready to blend, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I could press the blend button and the BlendJet would cycle through all the ingredients in the cup and evenly blend each fruit. The BlendJet recipe book recommends blending some drinks twice, so blend for an extra 20 seconds to give the blender a fair chance.

The finished drink is purple and looks pretty smooth, but has a few big blueberry skins floating around. I was impressed that this was accomplished in just 40 seconds of blending in a relatively small piece of equipment, but when I poured the drink I noticed that there were some strawberry seeds that the blender couldn’t grind.

When it Comes to Cleaning it, What Should I do?

No portable blenders are dishwasher safe. Also, if you’re out and about, you’re less likely to meet someone like this. Thankfully, it’s easy to clean by hand. In the BlendJet, add a bit of water and a drop of dish soap, screw on the lid, then run the blending cycle to remove any residue left over from the previous stage.

I also found that shaking the BlendJet worked as well. The only problem is when you make pesto it leaves a smell and residue of garlic and oil. It was difficult to get inside and under the blades to clean all parts of the blender, but I used a stiff brush to remove any oily residue.

Is it Worth Purchasing?

After testing and using the BlendJet product first hand, what do you think of it? I believe the BlendJet is worth buying for many reasons.

First, BlendJet allows each customer to define their own better, healthier life. It encourages you to go outside and live your best life instead of sticking to the kitchen all the time.

The ease of use of this product means you can be use it anywhere at any skill level. It’s as easy as turning the power on or off, as long as you’ve got the portions right and don’t put anything in there that could strain the motor.

Even I know there can be negative feedback and problems with the product, but it’s important to understand that for every negative review there are hundreds of positive reviews to balance it out. If you can get past these small setbacks, it’s worth it.


  • It is portable and highly lightweight.
  • It is USB rechargeable.
  • It is self cleaning and reusable.
  • Available in different flavors such as Mocha Chai, Green Ginger, Tropical etc.
  • Installment option available.
  • Free shipping in whole world.


  • It has poor customer service.
  • Sometimes devices arrive damaged.
  • It may long delivery times especially with international orders.

Final Verdict

BlendJet’s modern product is a very useful device that is lightweight and portable. No other heavy machine alternate of this small blendJet machine. You can take it anywhere, such as the office, gym, or even on a trip. The device is capable of handling hot or cold ingredients. You can easily make shakes and fruit smoothies by using it. I hope these products can change your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is BlendJet Portable Product?

Yes, it is a portable device with a rechargeable battery. You can carry it anywhere and it’s easy to use it.

Where can you Buy BlendJet Products?

Official BlendJet website is also available where you can buy any product of blendJet with reason price.

Does BlendJet Really Work?

For basic smoothies and shakes, it works properly without any problem. But if you want to use it for high smoothie purpose, it may not work.

Can BlendJet Use as Bottle to Drink Shake?

Yes, you can use it as a bottle and drink shake that makes it.

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