Dell Latitude 5420: Unleash Your Productivity With A Powerful and Durable Business Laptop

Dell Latitude 5420: Unleash Your Productivity With A Powerful and Durable Business Laptop

The recent increase in remote work at home offices, everyone wants a laptop machine to complete their requirements. Dell’s excellent business laptop has been tested for home base work. Today I will discuss the Dell latitude 5420 laptop that completes all requirements. Although this 14 inch machine with clickpad and better battery life includes everything you can hope for. So let’s read this blog to find the complete specifications and reviews with real form tested.

About Dell Latitude 5420

The Dell Latitude 5420 is a laptop model from Dell’s Latitude series, which is known for its business focused features, durability, and performance. Dell’s Latitude touts itself as a solid all round office device. The chassis is not thin or light and it probably would not win any design awards. Gray unassuming understated 14-inch laptop. The focus is clearly on the inside. Unfortunately, as you can see below all the compulsory information about this device.

The Dell Latitude 5420 starts at $1,120 for a system with a standard Intel Core i3 processor, just 4GB of RAM, and a tiny 128GB solid state drive.

You’ll pay more for a better spec system. The exact configuration we tested is no longer available, but similar versions with the new Intel Core i7-1185G7 processor typically retail for under $2,010. This puts the Latitude 5420 into the big leagues. With a budget of around $2,000, you can buy any laptop you want, but this Latitude stands up to the competition.

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General information of Dell Latitude 5420

Model NameDell Latitude 5420
Laptop SeriesLatitude series
Manufacture CompanyDell
Screen Size14 inch
ProcessorIntel Core i7-10610U
Storage256GB SSD
Display14 inch
Dimension1920×1080 none touch
PortsThunderBolt, Display port, 2 USB,HDMI 2.0, Gigabit Ethernet
WirelessWi-Fi 6, Bluetooth
Battery63 watt hour
Charger90 watts
Weight3.03 pounds
WarrantyOne year
Operating SystemWindows 10 Pro, Window 11 pro, Window 11 Home
Body materialPlastic and Polycarbonate

Features of Dell Latitude 5420

Dell latitude almost all series of laptops consist of fingerprint reader and HD Full web camera.

Fingerprint ReaderOptional
Web CameraFull HD and HD
MicrophoneDual Array
Speaker2x2W with stereo
Optical DriveN/A
Security Lock SlotYes

1.     Casing of Dell Latitude 5420

The carbon fiber and magnesium reinforced chassis is extremely torsion resistant. Subjectively, it feels heavy and solid. The hinge is solid, so you have to hold the bottom to open the lid. A notch in the front of the click plate allows you to lift the lid with one finger, but the base should click into place after a few inches.

Compared to the 2020 Latitude 5410, the chassis is visually identical, with drop-down hinges, a discreet silver-gray finish, and a black keyboard. The biggest visual changes are related to changes in input devices, which in turn lead to changes in usability.

The power button has been moved to the corner of the keyboard and placed in the form of a black button. It also works as a fingerprint sensor for Windows Hello.

The Dell Latitude 14 5420’s thick base doesn’t deform under pressure and the lid feels solid. Applying pressure to the backside of the cover will not cause color distortion to the LCD. Only the right keyboard part is slightly dented.

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2.     Excellent Keyboard

Dell Latitude Keyboard
Source: Amazon

The Dell Latitude 5420 has a great keyboard that makes the most of the thickness of the laptop. Long keystrokes, ending with solid action, and plenty of feedback make touch typing a breeze. You’ll be at full speed in no time without worrying about the possibility of forgetting to press a key and making an accidental typo.

For a 14-inch laptop without a keypad, the keyboard layout is wide enough that most users won’t feel cramped. The Tab, Caps Lock, and Shift keys on the left are large for a laptop of this size, which improves general office productivity. The Shift and Tab keys are commonly used to access Office hotkeys and switch between applications.

A keyboard backlight is standard on all Latitude 5420 models. There are only 3 brightness options including off. However, it does its job well enough and isn’t too bright even at maximum settings.

3.     Touchpad

Omitting the TrackPoint and dedicated mouse buttons, the 5420 is virtually indistinguishable from a typical consumer laptop in terms of input devices. TrackPoint might still be acceptable, but many Latitude fans will miss the four mouse buttons a lot.

The haptic feedback that many users are familiar with and love is missing here. Trackpads are completely different and work differently, so it takes some getting used to. We suspect that many buyers will balk at Dell’s decision to choose Lenovo instead. The ThinkPad L14 G2 also has a trackpad, but on top of that it includes three dedicated mouse buttons and a pointing stick.

The trackpad isn’t exactly top notch either, at least if you’re expecting Haptic feedback. It has a very shallow travel distance, a very short actuation point and almost no acoustic feedback. All this, including quiet keys, makes it ideal for those who like to work quietly. However, if you’re used to crisp tactile feedback, this touchpad will be very disappointing.

The touchpad is 11.5 centimeters (about 4.53 inches) tall, which is pretty big for a 14-inch device, but its surface is noticeably rougher than many others we’ve tested. You will hear some resistance as you glide over the surface. Even at the bottom of the touchpad, the button clicks are very unsatisfying due to the small amount of travel.

4.     Connectivity Ports

Dell Latitude ports
Source: Amazon

This laptop has a set of all important ports that are usefull for business purposes like Thunderbolt 4 port, Ethernet port, smart card reader etc. All the basic ports also available include USB port type-A, Display port etc.

SD Card Reader

A smart card reader is also integrated into the right edge of the laptop. This reader provides fast transfer speeds with our reference memory card in 188MB per second.

Communication Ports

In addition to the AX201 Wi-Fi adapter and RJ-45 Ethernet port, Dell laptops have a SIM card slot under the display, accessible from the back of the device, so the Latitude 5420 can be retrofitted with a compatible LTE module.

Even considering peaks, the Intel AX201’s transfer speeds aren’t as good as we’d hoped. By comparison, peak receives speeds reach the mark of almost 1500 Mbps.

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5.     Full HD WebCam

The 720 pixels camera on the lid deserves little mention. Take washed-out photos with obvious artifacts. This may be sufficient for video conferencing, but even this use case requires a higher quality solution. In particular, the wide bezel allows plenty of room for a more expensive camera. While this camera doesn’t face serious competition, it also offers a mediocre experience. Color accuracy was poor and the test chart showed noticeable image noise.

6.     Battery Health

The Dell Latitude 5420 has a 63 Wh battery. Not huge, but feels above average for 2021. Most high-end and luxury laptops shrink the size of their batteries to save weight.

The battery size, combined with the laptop’s lack of power-hungry features like 4K displays and dedicated graphics chips, is good news for portability. A standard battery test using a script that simulates real-world web browsing ran for 9 hours and 31 minutes before depleting the last watt.

That beats other durable Windows laptops we’ve tested recently, including Lenovo’s Yoga 9i and Razer Book 13. Most users can expect the Latitude 5420 to withstand continuous use during the workday. Apple Silicon still leads. The MacBook Pro I recently tested had 14 hours of battery life, four and a half hours longer than of this Latitude 5420.

Voltage11.4 V
Charging Time2:00 hr
Battery FormLi-Ion
Charging speedFast
USB Power DeliveryYes
Charging port positionLeft
Charge power65 / 90 W
Cable length1 meters
Weight of AC adapter378 / 420 gram

7.     Security Condition

Dell latitude 5420 takes a conservative approach to security, complementing the fingerprint sensor with a Dell Secure Port, integrated smart card reader, and webcam shutter. The shutter works by mechanically sealing the webcam. Next to it is an infrared sensor (IR camera) for face recognition with Windows Hello. TPM 2.0 is now standard as it is required by Windows 11.

8. Display Matte Panel

Dell Latitude Display
Source: Amazon

There’s nothing about the Latitude 5420 that suggests it could be a great laptop for non-work use, so it’s no wonder the display is unbearable. The 1920 x 1080 resolution, matte display coating and excellent contrast make for a great first impression. To my credit, this display serves its narrow purpose well that is easy to read, anti-glare and bright enough for any office use.

The Latitude 5420 has a narrow color gamut, so it can display relatively few colors, and color accuracy is fine. Movies, TV shows, and even web pages can appear filtered. That’s probably not bad for a $600 laptop, but not good enough for a $1,000+ system. Competing laptops have great displays that can display a wide range of colors with high accuracy.

Display Size14 inches
Refresh Rate60 Hz
Pixels per inch112
Aspect ratio16:9
Resolution1366 x 768 pixels
HDR supportNo
Sync technologyNo
Ambient light sensorYes

9. System Performance

System Performance
Source: Amazon

The Latitude scored well in PCMark 10 due to the excellent sequential performance of the CPU. Here, laptop scores differ little from each other with one exception, so this device is part of a large group in the segment. The exception in performance is the Ryzen powered Lenovo ThinkPad L14 G2, which tops all subcategories.

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Why do People Like Dell latitude 5420?

There are three reasons why people like this laptop: keyboard style, number of ports and good battery life. If we compare the features it may be a more expensive machine but some other cannot include these all features.

Why do People Not Like Dell latitude 5420?

Most of the people do not like this machine due its old school worst way and bad display including with touchpad. If we check competitors it may provide the HD screen with real form colors but it cannot include touchpad and it has including.

Final Thoughts

The Dell Latitude 5420 is a laptop designed with business professionals in mind, focusing on durability, security, and performance. With its potential features such as a range of Intel Core processors, robust build quality meeting MIL-STD-810G standards, security features like fingerprint readers and TPM, and a variety of connectivity options, it’s aimed at providing a reliable and versatile computing experience for those who need to work on the go. I hope this blog provides all important information and testing results that will help you choose this machine.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Year is Dell latitude 5420?

The Dell Latitude 5420 is manufacture in January 2021.

Is the Dell Latitude 5420 a Touch Screen Laptop?

Yes, the Dell latitude 5420 is a touch screen laptop. Almost all latitude series available in touch screen.

How Long does the Dell Latitude 5420 Last?

Most of the latitude works for a full day with a single charging.

Is Dell Latitude 5420 is Business Laptop?

Yes, Dell latitude 5420 is a business and home use laptop. It completes all requirements for a home laptop.

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