DJI’s Latest Innovation, DJI Pocket 3: The Smallest Pocket-Sized Camera with Big Features

DJI’s Latest Innovation, DJI Pocket 3: The Smallest Pocket-Sized Camera with Big Features

DJI is a camera developer company in the world. It is known as for its brilliant consumer products that have modernize the world of photography with it hand held and drone camera devices. Although it is primarily known as user’s drones, as it is best known for producing drones and high quality cameras. Now, it amazes us with his new development in 2023 “DJI Pocket 3”.

Here we deliberate its specifications, design, camera, battery life, connectivity options and price and availability release date. So, keep an eye on this article, if you want to know about “DJI Pocket 3”.

What is the Release Date of the DJI Pocket 3?

Are you searching here when DJI Pocket 3 comes in market? Don’t worry about it. Here, we are providing you with a predicated upcoming release date. As of now, the DJI Company was not announced and official information about its release date. But its expected release date is later in 2023.

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Quick Specs

Here we provide you some interesting features of “DJI Pocket 3”. Let’s grasp it.

Made inChina
Release dateLate in 2023
Sensor1.7 inches CMOS
Camera2.3-inch sensor, 80 Fov, F2.0 aperture.
ISO range100-6400
photo12mp(4000*3000) 5PEG or ONG (RAW)
video4k/60 fps at 100Mbps 4k/30fps at 60Mbps 1080p/120fps at 100 Mbps.
Gimbal3-9 axis
Display resolution340*800 pixels.
Display1-08 inch.
Aspect ratio16:9
screen1-8 inch touchscreen display
PortUSB-C port for charging Micro SD for additional storage.
Storage256 GB
Battery life140 minutes.
Battery capacity875 mAh.
Charging time73 minutes.
Unfolded dimensions12.25mm x 29.5mm x 36mm.
Folded dimensions12.4mm x 38.1mm x 30mm.

Features of DJI Pocket 3

1.      DJI Pocket 3 Design

DJI Pocket 3 Design

When it comes to design, the Pocket 3 is light weight and compact. It makes it easy to carry around in your pocket and bag during travel. This device measures 124.7 x 38.1 x 30mm and weights 117 grams only, which is expressively lighter and smaller than its precursor, DJI Pocket 2.

Its sleek and modern design feature with matte finish feels excessive in the hand. The buttons are well-placed with 1.08 inches built-in touchscreen display.

One of its most prominent features is built-in gimbals, as it provides stable and smooth footage. The gimbals are easy to carry and are also foldable which makes it more compact.

Overall, this is an excellent choice for those who value the design in their camera apparatus. Its built-in gimbal, compact size and light weighted designs makes it and abundant choice for traveler’s vloggers and anyone who want to take high-quality footage on the go.

2.      Camera quality

Camera Quality

Pocket 3 boasts with a surprisingly advanced camera quality that is sure to satisfy both the professional video graphers and photographers.

The camera may feature with a 1/1.7 inch sensor that probably captures the stunning 4k footage at 60fps and 1080 p footage at 120fps. It allows for wider shots and also adds more detail in each frame with its 140-degree field of view. One of the most exciting features of this DJI camera is its ability to capture the good pictures in low-light condition.

In addition to its notable features of video and photo capacities also provides a variety of an advanced shooting modes like pro modes, which allows for manual control over settings such as shutter speed and aperture.

Overall, the camera quality of this DJI camera is going to be top-notes.

We hope that it will able to impress or even win the hearts of photographers as well as videographers.

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3.      Battery life

Before buying this DJI Pocket it is significant to consider its battery life. This as someone who has been using this DJI Pocket for few weeks now, I can surely say that the battery life of DJI Pocket3 is remarkable.

It is equipped with 875mAh battery, which offers up to 140 minutes of continuous recording time at 1080p/60fps. This is the most important development from the precursor model, which only delivers 73 minutes of recording time.

Also, you can charge the DJI Pocket 3 in just 73 minutes, since the battery lasts for 180 days, which is perfect for those on the go.

Overall, the battery life of DJI Pocket is consistent and remarkable. This device is going to be reliable for those who are observing the excellent or best-quality camera with extensive battery life.

4.      Connectivity options

Connectivity options

The DJI Pocket 3 comes with numerous connectivity options that allow the user to transfer their footage and control the device remotely. Here are the few connectivity options.

·         Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

It contains built-in Wi- fi and Bluetooth connectivity, which allow users to connect their device to the tablet or smartphone through the DJI Mimo app. This app remotely controls the camera transfer the files wirelessly and preview footage.

·         USB-C Port

In Pocket 3, the USB-C port is just for charging and transferring files.

This USB-C port supports external microphone, which is useful for high-quality audio recording. Microphone connects to device with Bluetooth, and you can use it up to 60 meters away.

·         Micro SD Card Slot

The DJI Pocket 3 derives with a micro SD card slot that supports up to 256 GB of storage. Now, you can capture footage without transferring your file s to another device.

This is built-in USB-C port, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and connectivity option.

Micro SD card slot provides the flexibility to capture or take the high-quality shots, no matter where you are.

5.      Price and Availability of DJI Pocket 3:

The DJI Pocket 3 is predicted to be released in the late 2023. Now, the DJI has not announced an official price of a device. However, we can estimate its price based on its predecessor’s. DJI pocket 2 price, we can expect that the DJI pocket 3 can cost around $400-$500.

However, the price may vary depending on its bundle of options and storage capacity. These different bundle options include different accessories such as wireless micro phone, tripod and carrying case. Here we give you the expected price of Pocket 3 in different countries in the world.

Country namePredicted price
2023 DJI Pocket 3 price in AustraliaAUD 749
2023 DJI Pocket 3 price in QatarQAR 1650
2023 DJI Pocket 3 price in USA$445
2023 DJI Pocket 3 price in CanadaCA $610
2023 DJI Pocket 3 price in UKGBP 439

If we talk about its availability, the DJI Pocket 3 will be available on DJI’s official website. You can purchase it from their website as well as from other authorized retailers.

Overall, it is estimated to be an excellent, convenient and high-quality camera that will be reasonably priced and available widely.

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DJI Pocket 3 Pros and Cons

Before buying this device, it is crucial to know it’s both positive and negative aspects. Here are few pros and cons:


  • It have contracted gimbal stabilization
  • Easily attached to smart phone
  • It records 4k videos up to 60fps
  • Have remarkable motion time intervals.


  • Not nearly as tough as GOPro
  • Accessories are separately purchased.


“DJI Pocket 3” camera has been announced by DJI Company. This new model is likely to be significantly up graded from its previous models. This model emerges with amazing features of improved camera capability, larger sensor, better image stabilization and long- lasting battery life. You can do videography and photography without worrying about the battery dying, as it has a 140-minute battery life.

However, its sleek and compact design makes it easy to carry during travel. It is a great possibility or choice for those who are looking for a powerful camera. With its sleek design, longer battery lifer and improved camera capabilities, it is definitely a popular or great choice vloggers and content creators.

Frequently Asked Questions:

 Is DJI Pocket 2 or DJI Pocket 3 Better?

The difference between is quite stable. The larger sensor is the biggest difference, which vastly improves the low-light performance.

Pocket 3 can Shoot in RAW Format?

It is expected that this model will have this RAW format feature.

What are the Alternatives to DJI Pocket 3?

This includes DJI Osmo actions 3, Femi palm 2 pro, few pocket and zhiyun smooth.

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