How To Save Instagram Story With Music? Step-by-Step Innovative Techniques

How To Save Instagram Story With Music? Step-by-Step Innovative Techniques

Instagram story is a tremendous way to explore your talent or emotion beside others. Everyone keeps an eye on each other’s stories and pushes others to grab opportunities. Sharing stories with music is possible, but saving Instagram stories with music is not directly possible. So, this article is about “how to save Instagram story with music”?

Basically, there are a lot of people who don’t know how to save Instagram stories with music or how to add music to Instagram stories. Obviously downloading content from such platforms is complex. It is because you must handle copyright claims and other distribution issues. You can also save Instagram stories with music without letting your account go publically.

Alright, get back to the point and start our journey to meet our goals.

How To Save Instagram Story With Music?

1.    Use Third Party App

Involving third-party apps in the downloading process increases your productivity. There are a lot of apps that help us to content from various platforms (Vidmate/Snaptube).

With their help, we can download content from all social media accounts, including Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Still, here, we will talk about some apps that specifically help us to download Instagram stories.


This is the most trending platform, which helps us to save Instagram stories in our gallery.

You have to open it and add your Instagram account username. There is no need to provide them with a password and further details about your account, which makes it more secure.

You are not able to save all stories with one click. Despite this, you have to do it one by one.

Now, access all stories and click “save story” to save every story.

It’s also helpful when you want to save any missed story. Click on the Highlights option, and it will access you to older stories.

Through Snapinsta

Here, a complex process exists to save Instagram stories with music through Snapinsta.

  1. Initially, you have to open the story you want to save.
  2. Then, copy its link and reach in the app background.
  3. Open the Snapinsta app and paste the link in its search bar.
  4. Now, click on the research icon, and soon the story will appear on top in the results.
  5. Play it and click on the download button. Soon, the story will be in your gallery with all its music background sounds and tracks.

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2.    Save Your Own Instagram Story

After using 3rd party apps, this is the most used method to save stories. It is because third-party apps method help us to keep the Instagram stories of others, but here, we can save our own created stories.

The method is quick, secure, and as simple as even a beginner can use it to meet their goals.

So, let’s start.

  1. Open your Instagram account and enter the Insta story section by clicking on the “story icon” on the upper right.
  2. Now, generate your story according to your desire.
  3. You can add a video or can make a blend of different images. After this, you can add background music or tracks that suit the content. Don’t publish it.
  4. Now, it is time to take essential steps.
  5. Before publishing your story, an option to save it is always available.
  6. If you don’t find the option, click on the three dots available on the right corner of the app. Here, you can find this option.
  7. So, download it but stop because the process is not done. Here is a twist.
  8. When we download an Insta story, it receives us without background music.
  9. Now, add music to the story and share it with your friend on Instant Messenger.
  10. Here, click on the camera option, which allows you to share video content with him.
  11. Choose a video of a story you just downloaded. Before sending it to him, Insta will allow you to change the video.
  12. Click on music and add it to your video. Now, the music is added to your story.
  13. Before sending it to him, click the “keep in chat” option that will be available in the left corner of the bottom side.
  14. Now, send a video to him. Soon, the video will be delivered to him, and Messenger will allow you to save it in your gallery.
  15. So, this is the answer: how to save an Instagram story with music in 2023?
  16. But what if I published my story in a hurry? Can I still save it with music? Yes, you can do it. Just follow the procedure below.

3.    Save Instagram Story With Music After Publishing It

  • Initially, open your Instagram account and access the “Archive” section by clicking three dots.
  • It is because “Archives” has a database of all your previous published stories.
  • You can save a story from here, but it will receive you without music.
  • Further, adding music to such a story is mentioned above. Just follow these steps.
  • Open Insta messanger>Select video to share>Add music through edit video mode>Send it>After sending, save it to your gallery. That’s all the process.

Is It Safe To Save The Insta Story With Music?

Yes, it’s completely safe and legal to save Instagram stories, but you have to be mindful when you are trying to keep reports of other people. Don’t download copyrighted content; it is better to ask permission from others before downloading their stories.

Further, stay informed of copyright rules and regulations and respects them. This way, you can enjoy all the Insta stories according to your desires.

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Final Thoughts

Saving an Instagram stories with music is indeed possible, thanks to various methods and third-party apps. We explored the use of apps like and Snapinsta, which can help download Instagram stories with music intact. Additionally, we discussed a clever technique to save your own Instagram stories with music by using Instagram’s messaging feature. However, it’s essential to respect copyright rules and privacy when attempting to save stories from other users. Remember that unauthorized downloading of someone else’s content is unethical and potentially illegal. Always seek permission or use content responsibly to enjoy the world of Instagram stories.


Why can’t I save the Insta story with voice?

The main problem behind the issue is the copyright rules. No one allows anybody to access their content, but Instagram will enable you to save visuals of stories.

Further, users’ privacy is always a concern for any platform. So, Instagram also considers it and ensures that their privacy disturbed.

What if I save the story of any other person without his permission?

It’s a below-the-belt task, and you must avoid it. You can download it on the base of his story music or tracks, but avoid saving it when it comes to his data. It is because it is an illegal task.

Is there a specific app available to save the Insta story?

Many apps, such as and Snipinsta, are primarily available to save Instagram stories.

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