Unlock the Mystery of the Snapchat Planet Order: What Is It and How to Use It?

Unlock the Mystery of the Snapchat Planet Order: What Is It and How to Use It?

Snapchat planet order is a fascinating feature that was added to Snapchat in a recent update. Snapchat has been on the hype for the last 2 years and become one of the most visited social media platforms.

It enables its users to access different filters regularly, which helps them make regular clicks.

I have also been using it for 2 years, and it provides me with a new camera experience regularly. At the start, I was bothered by using the same filters and features, but now, I need more time to check all the features.

In short, I want to tell you how many filters and new features Snapchat provides its users. All filters and features are unique, but we will go through just the Snapchat Friend Solar System or Snapchat Planets order in the post.

What Is Snapchat Planet Order? A little Intro

Snapchat Planet Order or Snapchat Friend Solar System is the feature that allows you to make your solar system with the help of your friends. But, you will be the sun of this solar system, and the friend with whom you chat most or send more strikes (make more interactions) will be your first planet (Mercury).

So, based on your interaction with your friends, they will be added to your Snapchat Friend Solar System. We will talk about every planet and its meaning below to learn more.

It will also reveal how you can add your favorite person in the first place to say him; Hey! You are my “Murcary.”

So, let’s start.

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Snapchat Planet Order- Who Is Your Beloved?

1.    Mercury

The “Mercury” planet will show your most loving person. Its icon is a planet with a pink color. Many red hearts around it show love.

As we talk above, the person you love most or interact more with will appear as your “Murcary.”

2.    Venus

The second planet of the actual solar system is “Venus.” It’s also here to describe the person you love or make interact in 2nd place.

It is present as a “colorful planet” with different kinds of hearts around it. The colors of hearts are pink, blue, and yellow.

These hearts may show different situations or fluctuations that happened during your interaction. In the end, “Venus” comes after “Mercury.”

3.    Earth

Earth is the only planet where life exists. So, with this nature of Earth, we can add a friend at 3rd no. It’s utterly unique that you must decide who is best, the person on 1st no. or the person on 3rd no.

Recognizing it is easy because we are well aware of Earth’s design. Here, it also contains green and blue colors.

Stars, moon, and shades of ozone are also around it. Rather than them, red hearts are also available around it.

4.    Mars

Due to relevancy with numbers, it represents our 4th best person, but there is one other reason to count friends on it. We can add that person at Mars place who can take place after our beloving person.

It is because the Earth is our favorite planet, but Mars is on the waiting list for where we want to live. So, due to this relevancy, we can give a 4th person a new identity that he is on the waiting list.

Recognizing it is also easy, and it is available in red hot color. Rather than color, stars of blue and purple around it also help us realize it.

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5.    Jupiter

The big brother of the solar system planets is Jupiter. It protects all plants from getting stricken by other comets and asteroids.

On number base, there will be 5th no. Friend, but you can manage it according to you. You can add here the person who protects you from all the negativity of life.

The one who pushes you to grow and provides confidence that I am always here for you. It is also easy to recognize because we see it from our first step (class).

It’s a light-orange planet of the same color (orange). There are also many stars around it, which have different colors. Yellow, blue, and purple are the primary colors of these stars.

6.    Saturn

Saturn represents the 6th best person in your Snapchat Friend’s Solar System. It’s essential after Jupiter and has its uniqueness. Its color is orange and also contains a ring around it. Different colors of stars also float around it.

7.    Uranus

The planet will represent your 7th best friend. It’s a green-colored planet and has no stars or emojis around it. According to Snapchat Planet Order, it’s also a heartless planet and second last.

8.    Neptune

Its planet of the solar system is Neptune. It’s a cold and lifeless planet. Its have a texture of waves and have no stars, hearts, or moon around it.

Some little glittering emojis are present around it. Its color is blue with some light blue shades.

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FAQs (Snapchat Planet Order)

I updated my Snapchat but still do not get the “Snapchat planet order” option. What the issue might be?

Oh! It’s sad but true that this feature is not available in the free Snapchat version. You must buy its premium subscription, where you can find such unique features and filters regularly.

Further, they help you to personalize your images or videos uniquely. Your content will be unique and stunning rather than others.

How much charge for a Snapchat premium subscription?

A premium Snapchat subscription fee is just 4 dollars ($3.99), but you can create next-level content, images, or videos at that price.

How do I know which position I exist in my friend’s Snapchat planet order?

After accessing the subscription, open your friend account. You will see a badge around your account if you are among his top 8 friends list. Sorry, you are not among his top 8 friends if you don’t get it.

Here is a caution that ensures you subscribe to a premium subscription.

Despite this, if you have a friend’s badge, you can click it to know your exact number in the Snapchat friend solar system.

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