Unlocking the Secrets of Snapchat Planets: A Beginner’s Guide

Unlocking the Secrets of Snapchat Planets: A Beginner’s Guide

Snapchat is also the most popular social media app as compared to some others. Every social media introduces premium subscription with some extra features. Snapchat added new features in paid subscription with the name ‘Snapchat Plus’. If you really want to convert your normal snapchat into premium then you know about its exciting feature of snapchat planets. If you are still be confused about snapchat planes and how to order them? Do not worry; I will introduce complete information about snapchat planets. So let’s read and enjoy the latest features of snapchat plus. 

Introduction of Snapchat Plus

Snapchat plus is a premium membership that offers buyers some extra features. Users must pay a monthly subscription fee to access Snapchat Plus and its additional features. Snapchat Plus is rolling out in stages to iPhone and Android in the US, priced at $3.99 per month, $21.99 for six months, and $39.99 for one year. Plus, you can try it for free for 7 days before paying for a subscription.

Some of Snapchat plus most exciting features include changing the app icon, seeing who rewatched your story, and tagging specific friends as BFFs. But keep in mind that a monthly subscription does not remove ads, so you will have to pay for them. Senior vice president says “Advertising will remain the cornerstone of our revenue strategy in the long term”.

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What are Snapchat Planets?

Before understanding the snapchat planets first understand about planets. As we know about our solar system, all planets revolve around the sun and some are closest to the sun and some are far of it. When you use Snapchat Plus after subscribe of it, you have the Sun, and the first planet closest to the Sun means you represents who you share the most streaks with. That person will also be listed as your “first close friend” on the platform.

Similarly, the next planet place against the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th planet, this continues until the eighth planet. Remember, planets in Snapchat sequences have a fun way to show app based friendships and should not be taken literally. This feature is exclusive to users who subscribe to Snapchat Planets features

Some cool features of Snapchat Plus

  • First best friend forever
  • Story rewatch indicator
  • Custom app theme
  • Snapchat Badge
  • Friend Solar system
  • Auto priority story replies
  • View Emojis
  • Backgrounds of Bitmoji
  • Story timer
  • Capturing color
  • Specific notification sounds
  • Snapscore change of friends
  • Wallpapers of chat
  • Capture buttons
  • Gift for snapchat plus
  • Best story boost
  • Show map
  • Dark mode available for Android

Order of Snapchat Planets

As I mentioned before, Snapchat’s newest feature is your friend’s solar system. In fact, this solar system has completely designed to match the real solar system. Here discuss all planets and values with you.

1.    Mercury Planet

Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun, so the Sun is your midpoint and the planets are your friends. If you are the Sun and your friend has Mercury, it means they are your closest friends. Due to the closest planet to the Sun, this planet’s bit letters appear in front of those who share the most streaks. He also considered your closest friend. Mercury has represented by a pink planet with red hearts.

2.    Venus Planet

After Mercury, Venus is the second planet that is closest to the Sun after the mercury. Venus has depicted as a beige planet surrounded by blue, yellow and pink hearts. Snapchat Friends Solar System If you are the Sun and one of your friends is Venus, it means they are your second closest friend.

3.    Earth Planet

Among the planets in a solar system, Earth is the third closest to the Sun. It is represented as a blue and green planet surrounded by a red heart and moon. In the Snapchat Friends solar system, if you are the Sun and your friend is the Earth, which means they are your third closest friend.

4.    Mars Planet

In terms of distance from the Sun, Mars is the fourth closest planet. It is depicted as the red planet surrounded by red, purple and blue hearts. In the Snapchat Friends solar system, if you’re the Sun and your friend is Mars, which means they’re your fourth closest friend.

5.    Jupiter Planet

Jupiter is the fifth number closest planet to the Sun after Mars. This planet is depicted as an orange planet surrounded by stars. In the Snapchat Friends solar system, if you are the Sun and your friend is Jupiter, it means they are your fifth closest friend.

6.    Saturn Planet

Saturn is the sixth closest planet to the Sun and the friend shown on it that closes you after 5 best friends. It is detected as a yellow planet surrounded by stars. In the Snapchat Friends solar system, if you’re the Sun and your friend is Saturn, they’re your sixth closest friend.

7.    Uranus Planet

As far as the Sun is concerned, Uranus ranks seventh closest. It has represented as a green planet with stars around it. In the Snapchat Friends solar system, if you are the Sun and your friend is Uranus, it means they are your 7th closest friend.

8.    Neptune Planet

Neptune is the last closest planet to the Sun in the solar system. It has detected as a blue planet surrounded by stars and shows the last eight close friends of you. In the Snapchat Friends solar system, if you are the Sun and your friend is Neptune, which means they are your 8th closest friend.

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How does the Snapchat Planets System Work?

First, you need a Snapchat Plus subscription to see which planet you’re on in your friends’ Snapchat universes. After subscribing, when you open your friend’s profile, you will see a “Best Friend” or “Friend” badge with a gold border. A Best Friend badge means you are one of each other’s eight best friends. And the friend badge means you’re on their best 8 friends list, but they’re not on yours.

Working on snapchat planet describes step by step, follow and enjoy this feature.

  1. First open your Snapchat app, then click on the profile icon that shows on the top corner.
  2. When you click on the top left corner,show the profile of it.
  3. Third, scroll down with your finger and check the snapchat plus.
  4. Click on the subscribe button. When you click on the subscribe, you can access the premium plan.
  5. Choose your subscription plan and first start with your free trial for seven days.
  6. After starting a free trial, you can check the snapchat planet.
  7. When you choose a friend for checking the snapchat planet by click on the friendship badge.

PROS of Snapchat Planets

·         Immersive Experience

Users praise Snapchat Planets for its gameplay and exploration, and say it adds another layer of interactivity.

·         Personalized Touch

The concept of each user being the center of their own “world” is popular because it emphasizes personal connection.

·         Innovative Design

Snapchat has excellent and innovative design and the planets continue testament to that commitment.

CONS OF Snapchat Planets

·         Learning Curve

Some users reported confusion when navigating the new interface, suggesting it has a steeper learning curve than previous updates.

·         Performance Issues

App lags and crashes have been reported, probably due to the complexity of the new features.

·         Overwhelming Interface

Some users felt that the addition of planets made the app more cluttered and preferred the previous simpler design.

Comparison of Snapchat Planets with Other Social Media

No doubt every social media is important and provides some different features. Here are some comparisons of snapchat planets with others.

Snapchat Planets VS Instagram

Originally launched as a photo-sharing app, Instagram now incorporates Stories and other features reminiscent of Snapchat. The Snapchat brings a level of gamification and exploration that Instagram currently lacks while Instagram focuses only aesthetics and curated content of instagram. And Snapchat Planets encourage spontaneous interaction and a sense of adventure in the social world. This dynamic, immersive experience is a stark contrast to Instagram’s delicate grid.

Snapchat Planets VS Facebook

Social media giant Facebook serves primarily as a connection and information platform. Newsfeeds, Groups, and Pages provide a more structured and expansive social experience. Snapchat Planets, on the other hand, focuses on personal interactions, creating fun spaces where content is ephemeral and informal. This earth-based system introduces a layer of fun and discovery unlike Facebook’s more static interface.

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Final Thoughts

Snapchat is a popular social media platform as compared to some others. It has also introduced premium paid with some extra features. Snapchat plus is known as the premium feature that can be subscribed on the normal snapchat. The most popular feature of snapchat is snapchat planet. On the snapchat planet you can see the sun and all your friends show in different planets like our solar system. I hope you understand about snapchat planet and know how to order it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find the planets on Snapchat?

When you badge tapping, it will show you the planet where you are in the solar system. It also depends on the friend list.

What does each planet represent on Snapchat?

In the solar system, a close planet shows more close friends. If you can show the jupiter then you have the fifth closest friend on snapchat.

How do Snapchat bestfriend planets work?

The sun has a midpoint in the solar system and eight different planets around each. The closest planet to the sun is Mercury and the friend who shows Mercury planet in snapchat planet he/ she is your best friend.

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