How To Change Iphone Name Easily in Just a Few Steps

How To Change Iphone Name Easily in Just a Few Steps

Do you want to change your iPhone name with a nickname? By default, the iPhone has shown the ‘iPhone’ name on mobile phones. Why is it important for you? In this blog, I will go through the complete information and instructions for how to change iphone name of your iphone. So let’s read and enjoy!

The iPhone name of your phone is utilized throughout a variety of applications including Front Name, Find My, iCloud and Hotspot. When we can change the name of an iphone then all these applications use the same name. It can help to manage your devices. For example if you want to connect many iphone devices through the network, for identification of your devices use the name of iphone name. Many people want to show something unique to other people by using devices for fun and entertainment. When sharing files with other Apple devices, I usually choose the Bluetooth sharing option, especially for small or large file transfer apps. Have you considered changing your phone’s display name from model number to a unique name to identify your device?

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Why have you changed your iPhone Name?

When you want to share an image file, video file, or document, your partner must send the file to the correct iPhone device. The only way to quickly identify or distinguish your iPhone is to rename your iPhone with a unique name to distinguish it from other nearby devices.

Since the beginning of Airdrop, users have been able to easily transfer large files to other Apple devices. One of the major issues users face while using Airdrop is unknown devices popping up on the shared files page. This is because the user hasn’t changed the iPhone device name and the Wifi and Bluetooth connections are on most of the time.

Another situation is when you have multiple Apple devices in your home and a family member has the same model iPhone. In this case it is very important to rename the device to uniquely identify it.

How to Change iPhone Name in Easy Steps?

To change the name of your iPhone by following some steps. So follow the steps to change the iPhone name.

1.   Unlock your iPhone

First, you make sure your iPhone is unlocked and show the main home screen.

2.   Open Settings

Locate and tap on the “Settings” app.

3.   Scroll and Find General

In the Settings menu, during scroll down you find the General option.

4.   About

Inside the General menu, look for and tap on “About.”

5.   Name

On about screen, you will see the current name of your iPhone at the top, tap on it.

6.   Edit Name

A small pop-up window will appear where you can edit the name of your iPhone. Use the keyboard to enter the new name you want for your device.

7.   Save

Once you have entered the new name, tap “Done” or “Save” on the keyboard or the pop-up window.

8.   Confirmation

After saving the new name, you’ll see the updated name at the top of the about screen.

9.   Restart

Sometimes, changes might not fully reflect until you restart your iPhone. If you’re not seeing the new name in certain places, consider restarting your device. These steps are just optional because most iPhone automatically show the change name on it but if you have restart then it can be easy to update your iPhone settings.

More Information about How To Change Iphone Name

The device name appears in many places on your iPhone, including Bluetooth pairings, personal hotspots, and network IDs. If you are networked in a professional environment such as work or school, you may need to keep this in mind when choosing a different name.

The iPhone rename screen contains a lot of other useful information you might want to know about your iPhone. Here all include below where change iPhone name effected:

  • iOS version
  • Model Name
  • Model Number
  • Serial Number
  • AppleCare Coverage Information
  • Number of songs
  • Number of videos
  • Number of photos
  • Number of applications
  • Capacity
  • Available storage space
  • Wi-Fi Address
  • Bluetooth
  • Firmware version

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Why is it Important to Change the iPhone Name?

Changing the name of your iPhone might seem like a minor customization, but it can have some practical and personal benefits. It can help you in many places to manage your iPhone device. Some important importance and benefits discuss below:


Giving your iPhone a unique name allows you to personalize it and make it feel more like yours. You can choose a name that reflects your personality, interests, or even a fun inside joke.

Easy Identification

If you have multiple Apple devices or if you’re in a location with many iPhones around, giving your device a distinct name makes it easier to identify when connecting to Wi-Fi networks, Bluetooth devices, or using features like AirDrop.


A customized name can help you stay organized, especially if you manage multiple devices. For example, if you have multiple family members using similar devices, each person can name their device to avoid confusion.


Using a unique name can slightly enhance security. If you use your iPhone for personal and professional purposes, a custom name can make it more difficult for others to identify your device in a public setting.

Syncing and Backups

When you connect your iPhone to your computer or iCloud, having a distinctive name can help you quickly recognize your device in iTunes or Finder. It’s especially helpful when managing backups and syncing data.

Ease of Management

If you are using tools like Apple’s “Find My” service, having a specific name for your device can make it easier to locate and manage in case it’s lost or misplaced.


When connecting your iPhone to Wi-Fi networks or other devices, having a unique name can help you quickly identify your device from a list of available options.

Personal Branding

For professionals or people who use their devices for work, a custom device name can contribute to personal branding or professional identity.

Aesthetic Appeal

Some people simply enjoy customizing their devices for aesthetic reasons. Choosing a name that resonates with you can add a touch of creativity and uniqueness.

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Final Thoughts

When I use an iphone for many applications and share data through bluetooth or hotspot then we need to name the device. By default the ‘iphone’ name appears everywhere. Therefore we can change the iPhone name by following some simple steps. But this simple small work can help you in many ways like sharing devices, hotspot etc. I hope you understand the easy steps to change the iphone name.

Frequently Asked Questions (How To Change iPhone Name)

What is the Easiest Method to Change the iPhone Device’s Name?

The simplest and quickest method to change your iphone device name is to go first settings. Then click on General> About> Name and enter the new name that you want to change.

Does Changing the iPhone Name Modify Connectivity Settings?

Yes, by changing your device name, change the name on all places like Bluetooth, hotspot, Airdrops etc. some all settings of your device can need to be modified.

Is it Work to Change the iphone Name on All Applications?

No, it does not work on all the applications because some Apps need a device name but some do not follow it. It can show the message to set up the name of your app.

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